Als wir warteten/ As we were waiting (2020)

The Spanish Covid restrictions came over night when my boyfriend Stephan and me have been in Tarifa/ Spain. We wanted to visit Marocco but it turned out differently.

We were thrown out of the hostel, as the owners were not allowed to host tourists anymore. Also we weren't allowed to be on the streets anymore.

Not knowing, if there will be a Bus driving to Malaga, where our plane would leave a few days later back to Berlin. We were very relieved the Bus showed up in the end and much more lucky to find one of the last airbnb possibilities in Malaga during our bus trip.

We ended up staying in a Penthouse in the old town of Malaga for four nights. The prices for accodomations crushed because of Covid.

We didn´t know how long we have to/ can stay there and when/ if there will be a flight back to Berlin.

My work Als wir warteten/ As we were waiting is a daily and poetic approach to the Unknown.