In Touch In Distance In Between (2007/ 2008)

B Wohngalerie, Berlin (2007)
Private Flat Festival, Florence/ Italy (2009)


in touch in distance in between

My work "in touch in distance in between" arose in the years 2007/2008. I photographed people of my surrounding in my photographc studio without showing faces.

The handmade C-prints are fixed on the ceiling within threads. Each photographic object has two sides with different motifs. Viewers can walk through the installation. 16 photographic objects, each 14x14cm, are hanging at eye level and turn by the wind.

The installation was conceived for B Wohngalerie in Berlin 2008. Afterwards it was shown at the art festival private flat #5 in Florence/Italy 2009 and as part of the colloboration project „St. & St. feat. James Edmonds“ at The Foundry in London/UK 2009.